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So, I got a little behind on the blog…  I don’t expect to get fully caught up anytime soon, but I’m going to try.  I’m starting with some recent stuff, and then I’ll work my way back.

My dear friend Karen took pictures of my kids in January.  What a treat to have some beautiful, professional shots by my oldest friend!  I am so excited to have these, and wanted to share a few favorites.  Ethan’s at a tough age for pictures, so I was especially delighted to have such great ones of him.  Thank you, Karen!  You do beautiful work!  (You can check out Karen’s website here.)


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Uncle Spencer

We had a recent visit from our dear friend Spencer.  He’s an honorary uncle to our kids, and it was a real treat to have him out.  We had a fun time at Disneyland and enjoyed getting to spend almost a week with him!  Come back soon, Spence!

Kids with Uncle Spencer

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30 Things I Love About My Husband

In no particular order:

  1. He loves his family.
  2. He is passionate—about his faith, his family, his dreams, the Lakers… there’s no lukewarm with him.
  3. He never fails to put the toilet seat down.
  4. He loves Disneyland as much as I do.
  5. He is a devoted friend, willing to put forth the time and effort to make relationships last.
  6. He is a faithful husband, and I look forward to growing old with him.
  7. He makes breakfast for his family…several times a week!
  8. He empties and reloads the dishwasher, just because he sees that it needs to be done.
  9. He is quick to apologize.
  10. He serves his church.
  11. He’s sincere and honest.
  12. He is devoted to prayer.
  13. He has an award-winning sense of humor, one that I get and thoroughly enjoy.
  14. He’s not afraid to be silly with the kids.
  15. He has big dreams.
  16. He helps clean the house.
  17. He’s a fantastic father; his children adore him.
  18. He is creative and artistic.  And very talented!
  19. He takes initiative…at home, at work, at church.  He isn’t afraid to step up and lead.
  20. He loves the Lord and encourages my walk with Christ.
  21. He lets me take family pictures with a minimal amount of complaining.
  22. He balances my weaknesses with his strengths
  23. He’s a gentleman.  He still opens the car door for me.  He treats women as ladies.
  24. He’s a great communicator (which distinguishes him from the majority of men).
  25. He makes a mean chocolate chip peanut butter cookie.
  26. He does the ironing.
  27. He has a great work ethic.
  28. He is generous.
  29. He’s hot.
  30. Regardless of our situation, he maintains a positive outlook, focused on God’s sovereignty.

Happy 30th Birthday, Matthew.  You are an amazing man, and I am blessed beyond words to be spending my life with you.  May this be your best birthday ever, as we look forward to the adventure ahead!


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A few recent favorites…

Here are a few recent pictures of my kids (from April to early June). 

Katie Mae

Ethan - another silly smile

Cowboy kids

Katelyn 3.5

Ethan - 15mo

Brother and Sister

The Greens

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Universal Fun

We visited Universal Studios last month with Matt’s brother, Jonathan.  Katelyn enjoyed her first visit there, while Ethan stayed home with Papa & Grandma.  The highlights of the trip for Katelyn were getting to see Dora and the dog from the animal show. 

Katelyn & Daddy

Katelyn & Mommy

Katelyn & Dora

Katelyn & Dog

Katelyn & Shrek

Katelyn being silly

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Ethan’s First Ride

We took the kids to Griffith Park in March to ride the ponies.  Katelyn, of course, has always loved it.  We thought we’d try Ethan out, just for fun, and he cried almost the whole way around.  We did manage to snap a picture when he had a pleasant face, but for the most part, he was a sad little boy until that pony made it back around the track to Mommy.  🙂



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Still catching up…

We visited Disneyland in late February and counted it as Ethan’s birthday trip.  The highlight of the day (besides celebrating Ethan’s birthday), was Katelyn’s picture with Minnie Mouse wearing her own Minnie dress.


little-minnie mickey-and-minnie


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